Consulting Projects 

Wohlers Associates has participated in many consulting projects over the company's 29-year history. The work has involved more than 240 client organizations in 24 countries around the world. Also, the company has provided advice to 150+ companies in the investment community.

Wohlers Associates has provided organizations of many types and sizes consulting advice on wide-ranging issues associated with rapid product development, additive manufacturing, and 3D printing. The work has dealt with organizational strategy and direction, investment, growth trends, and what the future holds. Wohlers Associates has also assisted with partnership opportunities, product positioning, competitive issues, and whether to enter a particular market segment.

The following are example projects.

Developments and Trends

  • Assisted with additive manufacturing technology roadmaps for the countries of Australia, South Africa, and the U.S.
  • Provided insight and advice to a large aerospace company in Europe.
  • Assisted with the development of a report on additive manufacturing for the White House.
  • Reviewed the current market and competition for a major European producer of materials for additive manufacturing.
  • Helped a Japanese company understand recent developments and trends in prototyping and tooling.

Expert Witness

  • Provided assistance to a large U.S. manufacturer of consumer products involved with litigation. The company received a favorable settlement and avoided a trial.
  • Supported a U.S. company involved in patent litigation with a Japanese giant and testified in court. The jury decided in favor of the U.S. company.


  • Provided consulting assistance to companies in the investment community, most being institutional investors that represent mutual funds, hedge funds, and private equity valued at billions of dollars.
  • Assisted venture capital firms with investments in technology companies.
  • Helped national governments with long-term planning and investment strategy

Technology Acquisition

  • Researched the licensing of a tooling process for a large manufacturer of consumer products.
  • Explored technology acquisition options for a manufacturer of additive manufacturing systems.
  • Researched acquisition candidates for an established prototyping service provider in central Europe.

New Product Introduction

  • Collected information and helped develop a business strategy for a large materials company in Europe.
  • Reviewed a new additive manufacturing system in Asia and provided input on how the company might develop, market, and position the system.
  • Conducted a market analysis for a new additive manufacturing material for a company in Europe.
  • Provided strategic advice to the top management of a company that offers CNC machines and 3D scanning systems.
  • Helped a company expand into markets outside of Japan.
  • Evaluated a European company's products and helped plan a new product family and marketing strategy.

Prototyping and Tooling

  • Evaluated approaches to tooling for manufacturers of surgical instruments and mobile phones.
  • Recommended options for prototyping and tooling to a manufacturer of bar code printers.
  • Explored options for entering the 3D printing industry for a large manufacturer of computer products and services. 
  • Evaluated tooling options for a major manufacturer of mobile phones in Europe.

Process Automation

  • Developed a laser scanning solution for a manufacturer of custom-fit in-the-ear hearing aids and explored options for additive manufacturing.
  • Identified 3D design and CNC machining software for a manufacturer of footwear and other products in Brazil.
  • Found and tested new approaches to 3D modeling, reverse engineering, and additive manufacturing for a government agency.

Client List

Wohlers Associates places the highest degree of importance on honesty, integrity, and customer satisfaction, and seeks to exceed expectations. All clients are references. 

Wohlers Associates counts among its clients the following organizations.

Aerospace and Industrial Machinery
      ABB (Finland)
      Airbus (Germany)
      Belcan Corp.
      Borusan (Turkey)
      Cimatron (Israel)
      Dicon (Denmark)
      Dover Corp.
      EADS (Germany)
      Exide Electronics
      Lockheed Martin
      Hughes Christensen
      ITS Machinery (Israel)
John Deere
      National Bearings Company
      Rockwell Automation
      United Technologies
      WestingCut (China)

Chemicals and Materials
      BASF (Germany)
      Evonik (Germany)
      Huntsman (Switzerland)
      UCB Chemicals (Belgium)
      Valspar (Switzerland)

Computers and Business Machines

      Apple Inc.
      Haier (China)

Consumer Products

      Ericsson (Sweden)
      Imaginary Design
      Irwin Industrial (Brazil)
      Nokia (Finland)
      Procter & Gamble
RØDE Microphones (Australia)
      Sigma Innovation (Sweden)

Events and Publications

      AIRTEC GmbH
Ariel Communications
      Communication Technologies
      DEMAT GmbH (Germany)
      Elmia AB (Sweden)
      Euro-Team (England)
      Expoconsul International
      Marcus Evans (Malaysia)
      MCB University Press (England)
      McGraw-Hill Higher Education
      Microcentrum (Holland)
      Miller Freeman
      MoldMaking Expo
      Penton Media
      Rapid News Publications (England)
      Rising Media (Germany)
      Rogers Publishing (Canada)
      Society of the Plastics Industry
      Sterling Publications (England)
      Ziff Davis

      Advanced Manufacturing Cooperative Research Centre - AMCRC (Australia)
      Air Force Research Laboratory
      America Makes - National Additive Manufacturing Innovation Institute
      Atlantic Council
      City of Loveland, Colorado
      Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation - CSIRO (Australia)
      Consortium for Research and Innovation in Aerospace in Québec - CRIAQ (Canada)
      Council for Scientific and Industrial Research - CSIR (South Africa)
      Industrial Technology Centre (Canada)
      Lawrence Livermore National 
      Local Government Association of Queensland (Australia)
      National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)
      National Science Foundation (NSF)
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
      Sandia National Laboratories
      State of Wisconsin Investment Board
      Swedish Institute of Production Engineering Research (Sweden)
      U.S. Department of Energy
      U.S. Department of Defense
      U.S. White House Office of Science and Technology Policy

Investment and Financial Services
      Guidepoint Global
Mosaic Research Management
      Vista Research
      William Blair & Company

Medical and Dental
      Align Technology (Invisalign)
      Planmeca (Finland)
      Scott Laboratories
      Starkey Labs
      3D Medical (Australia)
      Tissue Regeneration Systems

Professional Societies and Associations

Additive & 3D Manufacturing Tecnologies Association (Spain)
      Aerospace Industries Association of Canada
      American Mold Builders Association
      Asian Manufacturing Association (China)
      Finnish Rapid Prototyping Association (Finland)
      French Rapid Prototyping Association (France)
      Institution of Mechanical Engineers (England)
      Japanese Society of Die and Mold Technology (Japan)
Laser Institute of America
      Machine Tool, Accessories, Component Parts and Tools Manufacturers' Association of Spain
      National Computer Graphics Association
      Rapid Forming Technology Committee of the Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society (China)
      Rapid Product Development Association of South Africa (South Africa)
      Society of Manufacturing Engineers
      Toy Manufacturers of America
      3D Systems North American Stereolithography Users Group
      Vocational Industrial Clubs of America

Rapid Product Development, Additive Manufacturing, and 3D Printing  
      Alphaform AG (Germany)
      Anubis Manufacturing Consultants (Canada)
BMP Technology
      Cimatron (Israel)
Cubital (Israel)
      Desktop Factory
      DTM Corp.
      DSM Desotech
      Ellison Group
      EOS (Germany)
      Formero (Australia)
      INCS Inc. (Japan)
      Materialise (Belgium) 
      Micromod (Israel)
      Phillips Plastics Corp.
      Primary Systems
      Progressive Components
      Proto Labs
      Roland DGA
      Schneider Prototyping (Germany)
      Solido (Israel)
      2Phase Technologies
      3D Systems

      Thogus Products
      Vantus Technology Corp.
      Waikato Innovation Park (New Zealand)
      Z Corporation

Research, Academia, and Education      
      Asnuntuck Community College
      Auckland University of Technology (New Zealand)
      Bergen County Technical Schools
      Central University of Technology, Free State (South Africa)
      Colorado State University
      Connecticut Communitiy Colleges
Fraunhofer Society (Germany)
      Georgia Institute of Technology
      Griffith University (Australia)
      Helsinki University of Technology (Finland)
      Loughborough University (England)
      National Center for Rapid Technologies - RapidTech
      National University of Singapore (Singapore)
      Milwaukee School of Engineering
      Polytechnic Institute of Leiria (Portugal)
      RMIT University (Australia)
      Saddleback College
Sirris (Belgium)
      Southeastern Institute of Manufacturing & Technology
      Tennessee Tech University
      Tsinghua University (China)
      University of Dayton
      University of Maribor (Slovenia)
      University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee

      Vaal University of Technology (South Africa)
      Virginia Tech

Software and Internet Services
      Auto-Trol Technology
      Cimatron (Israel)
      CyberPro Engineering
      DeskArtes (Finland)
      Master Graphics
      Materialise (Belgium)
      Muse Technologies Inc.
      Precision Visuals
      Versacad Corp.

3D Scanning and Reverse Engineering
      FARO Technologies
      InnovMetric Software (Canada)
      Ultimetrics, Ltd.
      VX Technologies (Canada)